A Team Leader’s Guide to Lean Thinking
David Veech & Mark J. Lauer CPT:   ISBN 0-9744797-0-5




FirstLine is designed for people selected to serve in leadership positions.

The training focuses on what the supervisor, specifically the team leader, in a lean organization needs to know and do. It aims to build the skills required to lead successful teams, large or small, separated or co-located. These teams may be teams of executives, key staff, work teams, project teams, continuous improvement (kaizen) teams, or quality circles. The principles presented will apply no matter what level of the company the participants are working in or working with. In fact, these principles can be applied outside of work and in their lives. This training also focuses on employee satisfaction and presents the skills leaders need to be more effective in helping the organization become a lean organization.

The broad goals of the training are to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to be able to:

1. Build and lead teams in a work environment.
2. Teach and coach team members.
3. Understand the work for which the team is responsible.
4. Lead continuous improvement efforts.


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